Behavior Support Team

Mercy for America’s Children is now proud to offer additional support to our families. We have developed a Behavior Support Team that will be available to assist through individual family consultation in the area of behavior management. As with all of our programs, this service is free of charge for our MAC families. This experienced team will be available to assist with the establishment of behavior management systems in the home and school, in home preparation before, during, and after placement, and will guide you to appropriate resources as needed. We are here to help problem solve any behavior issues that arise and to support you throughout the process.

The Mercy for America’s Children Behavior Support Team includes the following specialists:

Pam Taylor: Pam holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Special Education and has specialized in behavior management, behavior analysis, and child development for 17 years. Pam is a certified Special Education teacher in North Carolina and taught children with a variety of developmental, behavioral, and social needs since 1995.

Ashley Gomez: Ashley is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and has specialized in Applied Behavior Analysis. Ashley has worked with children with autism for many years and utilizes her skills in the area of behavior analysis and management on a daily basis.

Jennifer Bowman: Jennifer is a certified teacher in the State of North Carolina and currently teaches Kindergarten. Jennifer specializes in behavior management in early childhood and can assist in areas such as toilet training, etc…

Amy Phillips: Amy is an adoptive parent who has a tremendous amount of hands on experience in the area of behavior management. Her day to day experiences with her adopted son will prove very beneficial and make her a very valuable member of this support team.

Please contact the team by e-mail at [email protected] as needed. We are here to help. He Said hire a essay writer.