MAC Kids Division

Director – Trent Taylor 

Trent Taylor (Age 12) speaking to the crowd about his time in foster care and how his life has changed since being adopted.

Children – that is what Mercy for America’s Children is all about! Our organizatin is very proud to announce the development of a new division called “MAC KIDS”. Trent Taylor will serve as the representative and leader for this exciting new program.

Trent was trapped in the foster care system for 5 years and traveled through 5 different homes before finding his forever family in 2010. Since that time, Trent has developed a strong passion to use his past experiences to help the other children in the foster care system. Since Mercy for America’s Children began in 2011 Trent has served the organization by volunteering at all events, engaging in public speaking to crowds of over 150 people, created a promotional video to promote adoption through the foster care system, served as speaker at our support groups for families in the process of adopting, and most importantly, serves as a mentor and friend for the children awaiting adoption. He plans to offer a sense of hope and connection to both children and families in the process of creating families through adoption of children in foster care. It is our sincere hope that every child that is placed with one of our families will find a place of comfort, hope, and support through this program.

The MAC KIDS Program will include the following aspects:

-Mentoring Program for newly placed children
-Topic lead discussion at each support group facilitated by Trent and an adult
-MAC Child Rep. to speak monthly at Wake D.S.S. Info Sessions
-Special Events 1-2 times per year to network MAC KIDS
-MAC KIDS involved in specific fundraising by Making Christmas Cards, etc…
-Special T-Shirts Designed for MAC Kids (kids will help design)
-MAC KIDS have to opportunity to ride on our float in the Wake Forest Christmas Parade
-Support Videos to be put on website – specifically for our children
-Trent to serve as Children’s Representative on Board of Directors recommended you read paper writer service.