Our History

Mercy for America’s Children was founded in 2011 by Pam Taylor who now serves as Executive Director. Pam and her husband Mac became extremely passionate about the promotion of adoption through the U.S. Foster Care System after the successful completion of their family through the miracle of adoption. Their personal journey involved the addition of two amazing boys who were adopted at the ages of 7 and 9 after being trapped in the foster care system for nearly five years.

Throughout the adoption process Pam became increasingly aware of the overwhelming needs within our U.S. Foster Care System. The frightening facts regarding the number of children within our system who never get adopted and age out at the age of 18 with virtually nothing ,was staggering. Knowing that something must be done to help these children, the formation of Mercy for America’s Children began. When the word spread about the formation of this non-profit, we quickly filled the Board of Directors positions with others who were very passionate about this issue. It was Pam’s dream to form a non-profit organization to promote public awareness regarding the benefits of adopting through the foster care system, provide support to the children awaiting adoption in the foster care system , as well as providing guidance and support to those considering foster care adoption. Most importantly, Mercy for America’s Children plans to connect older children awaiting adoption to potential adoptive families through events in which face to face interaction can occur and forever families can be created.

It is the sincere wish of Mercy for America’s Children that we can truly make a difference in the lives of the 450,000 children currently in our Foster Care System. They are often forgotten, but it is our goal to help create forever families for each of these unique and wonderful children who desire nothing more than stability and unconditional love. Adoption is a true blessing and Mercy for America’s Children will continually strive to assist others through this miraculous journey.

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