Pam is the founder and Executive Director of Mercy for America’s Children. Pam graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education from the University of MD., and has served as a certified special education teacher in the state of North Carolina for 17 years. She has focused her career on providing early intervention to children with autism. In addition, Pam received a minor in child psychology and has extensive specialized training in the area of behavior analysis and management techniques. Over the years Pam has been recognized, both in her field, and in the community, through various awards such as the Byrd Citizenship Award, Who’s Who Among American Women, Outstanding Graduating Senior from the College of Education, Teacher of the Year, Disney Outstanding Teacher Award and many others.

Pam’s passion to start a non-profit agency was ignited during her personal journey to create a family through adoption. Pam and her husband of 16 years recently adopted two older children through the U.S. Foster Care System. While going through the very challenging adoption process, Pam quickly realized that there was a staggering need to form an agency specifically directed toward improving the quality of lives for the older children awaiting adoption within our foster care system. Her passion for helping older children in the U.S .foster care system, more than 20 years experience working with children who have special needs, specialized training in building successful non-profit agencies, and first- hand experience, both as a foster and adoptive parent, have proven to be the perfect combination to successfully lead Mercy for America’s Children as Executive Director.