Trent spent 5 years of his life in the foster care system before being adopted at the age of 9. After completing his healing journey, Trent decided that he wanted to use his past to help others. Trent founded the M.A.C. Kids Division in 2013 in an effort to provide services and support for children being fostered or adopted through the foster care system. Trent, now 16 years old, serves on the Board of Directors as a child representative.

In addition to running the M.A.C. Kids Division, Trent is also an accomplished public speaker and talks openly about his time in foster care to crowds of over 200. He has been featured on WRAL and has appeared in over a dozen newspaper and magazine articles including one international publication. He has been recognized for his efforts through the World of Children’s Annual Award, Kohls Kids Awards nominations on multiple occasions, and most recently received the Mercy for America’s Children “Hero Award” in 2016. Lastly, this young man would could have easily before another statistic recently became a published author after co-authoring his autobiography “Shattered No More” about his time in foster care.

Trent is honored to have the ability to serve the children in foster care and the families that love them through his involvement in Mercy for America’s Children and plans to devote his life to helping families and children overcome trauma.